Your Rights During Labor Negotiations

For the Record

August 23rd, 2019

We know negotiations can be a stressful time for you and your family.
As we have said all along, Ralphs wants an agreement that is good for you – provides you with more money in your pocket with pay increases, maintains your affordable health care benefits and secures a pension for your retirement.

We believe our proposals represent a balanced investment in you and Ralphs future and continue to meet with the union to reach a fair and balanced contract. The company is keeping its focus on you and at the bargaining table, and we hope to reach an agreement soon.

We want to correct some information that we have heard that the union has been sharing with you and other associates as well as their members in other companies outside of bargaining.

First and foremost, the union cannot threaten your job, health care coverage or pension benefits.

  • You have the right to decide on whether or not to participate in any type of union activity without threats from the union or company.
  • Ralphs provides your health care and pension benefits. Your union dues do not pay for these benefits.

If you choose to participate in any type of union activity, you should keep the following in mind:

  • You may request and use vacation or other time-off as you would for other personal matters.
  • If an associate does not show up for work as scheduled or expected without notice, it is counter to our labor agreements, work rules and employment understanding. If this occurs, disciplinary measures will be followed.
  • No one should walk off the job or not show up for work as scheduled without notice and previous arrangements to take time off.

We encourage you to learn more about your rights under federal labor law. You can reach out to the National Labor Relations Board at The NLRB is a neutral government agency responsible for administration and enforcement of the National Labor Relations Act.

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