Negotiations Continue – Progress Has Been Slow

Negotiation Updates

April 1st, 2022

Company Remains Optimistic

Ralphs and UFCW SoCal Locals continue to meet this week to try and reach an agreement. We will continue to negotiate through the weekend and keep you updated as things progress. So far this week, the company and union have exchanged proposals and continued working to find areas of agreement.

While some retailers may choose other options, Ralphs must do what is best for our associates and customers. The company is committed to bargaining in good faith to reach a fair and balanced agreement that rewards our associates while keeping groceries affordable for customers and operating a sustainable business in the future, reflecting secure and stable jobs.

What Can You Expect Over the Next Few Days?

  • We will continue to provide as much information as possible about what is happening across the table during our negotiation sessions.
  • It is important to remember bargaining is a process that requires careful consideration of each proposal and thoughtful discussions aimed at reaching an agreement.
  • Robbie Branton, Ralphs’ VP of Operations, has recorded a special message for all associates and can be viewed here. Remember our cba website is available 24/7 – no username or password is required.

No One Wins with a Strike
As the union continues to threaten a strike and create uncertainty for you and your family, we’re committed to continue our discussions and are hopeful of reaching an agreement this weekend.

Ralphs believes no one wins with a strike and we hope the union does not call for a work stoppage, jeopardizing your paycheck and benefits. It is important to note, during the Southern California strike in 2003-04, associates lost out on pay, health care and pension.

To continue to keep you informed in the event of a work stoppage, your store leader as a few handouts for you, including:

You can check for negotiations updates on your store communication board, FEED, this website,  and through your store leader. If you have any questions, please talk to your store leader.

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