Let’s Talk About the Facts: No One Wins with a Strike

For the Record

July 19th, 2022

As Ralphs continues to be transparent and open about the negotiations process, we want to share again our objectives for your new contract:

  • Invest in your total compensation by continuing to provide industry-leading pay and benefits
  • Provide affordable medicine to our customers and communities where we operate
  • Continue to operate a sustainable business, reflecting good, stable jobs with growth opportunities

Recently, the union has communicated false and misleading information about what it means to have an Unfair Labor Practice or ULP strike. This is an unfortunate attempt to undermine the negotiation process. Here are the facts:

Myth Fact
Other unions have gotten more money for their members after a strike.


·       The nine-day strike in January by our Food associates working in our Denver metro area King Soopers and City Market stores ended with associates receiving less pay than what was on the table before the strike.

·       Although some associates suffered financial losses resulting from the nine day strike, the final agreement that associates ratified included less overall additional wage investment.

Calling for members to vote and authorize a strike over alleged Ralphs unfair labor practices ·       The filing of an unfair labor practice (ULP) charge is an accusation.

·       The union’s claims have not been investigated by the National Labor Relations Board (NLRB), and until that is done, no findings or rulings have been made.

·       The fact is the union’s claims has not been found to be true.

·       Filing ULP charges and subsequently calling for a strike is part of the UFCW’s playbook.

·       The union’s unfair labor practices in Albuquerque, Colorado, Seattle, and Oregon were eventually dropped by the UFCW.

Calling a ULP Strike would allow pharmacy associates to choose when they will and will not work. ·       Should the union call a ULP strike, pharmacy associates have the option to participate in the strike OR to cross the picket line and continue to work.

·       Pharmacy associates can either strike OR work, the law does not allow associates to strike, return to work, and then go back out on strike.

·       In the event the union calls a ULP strike and a pharmacy associate chooses to not report for work, they are considered to be on strike and will not receive pay for days not worked.

·       Pharmacy associates should review the strike FAQs posted on www.Ralphscba.com to ensure they understand how their pay and benefits might be impacted should the union call a ULP strike and they choose to participate.

While the union is focused on calling an unwarranted ULP strike, the company’s focus remains on working with the union to reach an agreement that is a win for you and the company.

Negotiations are a process and we’re committed to getting back to the table and working with the union to reach an agreement.  Our next negotiation session is on July 22.

We will continue to provide open and transparent updates on www.RalphsCBA.com and on store bulletin boards. If you have any questions, please talk to your store leader.

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