Company Renews Its Commitment to Reach A Fair and Balanced Agreement with the Union


September 4th, 2019

We appreciate your patience during this process and all that you are doing to serve our customers. We know that negotiations can be stressful for you and your family.

We have more talks with the union scheduled for Sept. 4-8. We will be doing everything we can to reach a fair and balanced agreement with the union in the coming days. We have the same goal: reach an agreement that is good for you – rewarding you for your hard work, while at the same time keeps Ralphs successful in the Southern California market – providing secure and stable jobs for everyone.

As bargaining continues this week and through the weekend, we promise to keep you updated as we have information to share. Our recent offers reflect our total investment in you – more money in your pocket, more money to support and maintain your exceptional, health care benefits and more money to keep your pension benefit secure and stable throughout the life of this agreement. As a matter of fact, our current offer as of August 25 invests more than $112 million additional money through the life of the new contract.

Our current wages, health care and pension offers are available in the Resource column.

We also wanted you to be aware of our efforts on contingency planning in the event of a work stoppage. As part of our planning, you may see some advertisements for replacement workers. This isn’t something we want to do but must do so we can continue to run our business if a labor dispute occurs.

We hope the union won’t take this course of action, but we need to be ready in the event of a strike. Agreements are reached at the bargaining table not the picket line.

As negotiations continue this week and weekend, there may be times of silence but know that we will be providing you updates as soon as we have something to share.

Thank you for your continued focus on our customers.

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