Company Provides Comprehensive Proposals


July 13th, 2019

To keep negotiations moving forward and gain some positive momentum, we presented the union with a few comprehensive proposals before ending our session today, July 12.

We want to continue to reward and recognize you with a generous total compensation package that provides you with a good wage, affordable health care benefits and a pension for retirement.

Our proposals invest significantly more money in your contract over the next three years. These are fair and balanced proposals.

Here is a summary of our proposals in terms of total compensation – wages, health care and pension:

What’s in the Comprehensive Proposals Additional Details
More money in your wages Top rate increases

Renewal of the minimum wage letter, which benefits associates who are at minimum wage when a new law goes into effect

NO changes to your company-sponsored affordable, premium health care benefits Ralphs associate contributions have not increased since 2007 despite the rising costs of health care

The average family premium in California is more than $700 a month

For a Ralphs associate, an entire family pays only $62 a month

Company investments to keep your pension benefit stable and secure 93% of people employed by American companies do NOT receive a defined pension benefit.

Ralphs associates are part of the elite group or just 7% of workers who benefit from a pension.

Pension is like a savings account that workers don’t contribute to for their retirement. A company contributes to a pension on behalf of workers so when they are ready to retire they still collect a paycheck in addition to their Social Security benefits.

With a balanced approach this next agreement can be a win for everyone – our associates, our communities and our company. You can check your store communication board, FEED, and the Ralphs hotline number 800-615-7279.

We have more bargaining dates set next week on July 17-19. We will continue to keep you updated. If you have any questions during this process, please talk to your store leader. Thank you for all that you do for our customers and each other.

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