For the Record

July 19th, 2022

Let’s Talk About the Facts: No One Wins with a Strike

As Ralphs continues to be transparent and open about the negotiations process, we want to share again our objectives for your new contract: Invest in your total compensation by continuing to provide industry-leading p...

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June 22nd, 2022

Ralphs and SoCal UFCW Locals Continue Discussions on a New Pharmacy Contract

The company and union bargaining committees met again yesterday and continued negotiations on a new contract for pharmacists. Much of the discussion focused on wages and some language proposals. Although we did not re...

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Negotiation Updates

March 29th, 2022

Ralphs Remains Committed to Reaching an Agreement to Keep You Working and Our Stores Open Without Disruption

Company and UFCW SoCal Locals will resume contract negotiations starting Wednesday, March 30 for a new contract for retail clerk and meat associates. This is the first time the parties will meet since these contracts ...

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